A message from Medistar President & CEO, Beth Roby Denton

We live in an era of unprecedented change. In the healthcare field, the changes seem to be occurring at a mind-boggling pace. At Medistar, we realize the importance of staying on the leading edge of such change, not only in improvements to the care we provide, but in the speed and means of collaboration with all professionals providing care to our patients. We believe that seamless communications with our patients, their caregivers, their Primary Care Physicians, their hospital professionals and other providers of care are vital to our delivery of the highest quality and most compassionate of care.

We understand why patients prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes when they are recovering from an illness, are recuperating from surgery, or are dealing with the challenges of chronic conditions. We also understand the importance of coordinating care with physicians, hospitals and specialty providers. At Medistar, we believe that a smooth continuum of care is essential to achieving the highest healthcare outcomes and the best quality of life for our patients.

Medistar has been providing compassionate care in the comfort of our patients’ homes since 1983. As has been said, “The only thing constant in life is change,” and we believe our constant during these decades of service has been Medistar’s ability to envision and execute the changes necessary to continually achieve the highest healthcare outcomes and the best quality of life for our patients.

Welcome to our website. As you explore it, I encourage you to take the time to read the starfish parable, a simple story about a small effort making all the difference. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of working with Medistar, we invite you to experience how Medistar is “Making a Difference in Home Health.”


Beth R. Denton
President & CEO