What is StarPHISH?

StarPHISH Electronic Medical Records Management System

Medistar’s interoperable electronic medical records system, StarPHISH (Physician Hospital Information System for Home Health), allows Medistar staff to upload patient information, including lab reports, photos, and medication records to a secure, password-protected system that may be accessed by physicians and their nursing staffs. This absolutely free electronic medical records (EMR) service makes patient medical data available during and immediately following home visits.

The StarPHISH EMR solution provides doctors a litany of patient information, including:

  • Patient diagnoses
  • Prescribed medications
  • Patient wound care & images
  • Nurse visit schedule
  • Patient vital signs & charts
  • Physical therapy notes
  • Laboratory results
  • Patient care outcome & other various patient information

The StarPHISH computerized electronic medical records program enhances the communication process among medical professionals and enables Medistar to better serve as the patient-physician liaison, minimizing errors and helping us to provide excellent, tailored management of broad home health needs.

More on StarPHISH Medical Records Management System:

  • The StarPHISH system was developed by medical professionals and guides Medistar home health staff members through a patient assessment and care plan.
  • In real time, this data is viewed by the physician and can be continually updated thanks to a hand-held field device. Additionally, patient orders can be approved or denied through use of an electronic signature.
  • Significant or critical changes in a patient’s status are noted instantaneously and result in immediate physician notification.
  • Access to all patient data is accessible to physicians through personalized sites.
  • All patient care activity is tracked in conjunction with a billing code number, providing accuracy and convenience in the physician’s own record keeping. 
  • Best of all, little or no training is required as the StarPHISH EMR system is user-friendly and easily navigated. An internet connection and the setup of a username and password are all that are needed to begin using StarPHISH.

Learn More about StarPHISH Patient Medical Records Program

As Louisiana's premier provider of home health care services, Medistar is committed to educating health care providers as well as patients and their families on our state-of-the-art, web-based electronic health records programs and much more. To learn more about StarPHISH EMR and how it can simplify your medical records management process and keep vital patient information secure, kindly contact us online for your consultation.